MNRF treatment

What is microneedling?

MNRF Treatment in Pune(Kharadi) | Dr. Shridevi Lakhe

It’s a simple, minimally invasive procedure that works for most skin types. It enhances the texture and tone of the skin by breaking down scar tissue and naturally stimulating collagen formation. We offer the best MNRF Treatment in Mumbai at Viva Aesthetic Clinic.

How does MNRF work?

A high-frequency alternating electric current is known as radio-frequency. When an electric current passes through the body, it encounters resistance. Impedance refers to the resistance of tissue. The micro-oscillations of charged particles produce heat when electric current encounters resistance, according to Joule’s law.

Tissues become coagulated when the temperature rises to around 60 degrees. The RF effect is electro-thermal in nature. The frequency of RF has an inverse relationship with its depth of penetration.

MNRF treatment procedure

  • Clean your face
  • Apply a topical anaesthetic to the affected area.
  • After 45 minutes to an hour, wipe out the cream.
  • Contact the handpiece tip to the epidermis.

The machine’s power level, exposure time, and needle insertion depth are all manually adjusted based on the indication and region to be treated.

After pushing the foot or finger switch, microneedles penetrate the skin automatically. The epidermis and dermis are pierced by micro fractional holes. In the deep dermis, high RF is emitted, causing dermal coagulation.

Microneedles are automatically removed. There are either single or many passes available. When using numerous passes, the initial pass should be at a deeper depth than subsequent passes, and the exposure time and/or power should be reduced as one moves closer to the epidermis.

After treatment, the face is cleaned, and oozing or bleeding is controlled with minor pressure. To improve patient comfort, a cooling pack, mask, or cold air might be used. Antibiotics and sunblock creams are administered. Depending on progress, treatment can be repeated every 4-6 weeks for a total of 3-5 sessions.

What skin problems can be treated with microneedling?

Acne scars, trauma/surgical scars, fine lines, deeper wrinkles, skin laxity, sagging skin, rough skin texture, alopecia, sun damage, open pores, and stretch marks are all treated by microneedling.

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