Like other skin problems, Melasma is also a common problem among men and women. Melasma is a situation when skin gets brown or dark brown-grey patches on it. Experts often call this situation the mask of pregnancy. This situation occurs due to the overproduction of cells and these cells alter the skin color. This situation is common and does not have any adverse effect on the skin. Again, this problem fades away automatically.

Where will you find Melasma?

Melasma can occur at any place on the face. You can notice Melasma on the cheeks, nose, upper lips, and forehead. Sometimes people can also face this skin disorder on the arms, back, or neck. As per experts, Melasma can occur on any part of your skin that is bare to sunlight. Hence people often notice Melasma becomes worsens during summer.


  • Melasma needs a proper treatment plan, and individuals need to consult with professional skin experts to eliminate this skin problem. The experts will first try to detect the exact cause of Melasma. This skin disorder can often fade away automatically if you can take proper protection from the sunlight. It has also been noticed that there is no specific treatment for Melasma. So here, all need to take necessary preventive measures for Melasma.
  • Experts suggest not undergoing Hormone treatment for those who are suffering from Melasma.
  • Women are prone to take birth control pills that contain Estrogen and Progesterone, but these oral contraceptives should not be used to stay away from Melasma.
  • At present, people are addicted to using different electronic gadgets. But, these gadgets produce radiation that can affect the skin causing various skin disorders.
  • Different skin care products are available in the market, but not all are safe for your skin. Sometimes these can irritate the skin and cause Melasma.

Hence, if you are suffering from Melasma, you can consult with Dr. Shridevi Lakhe for the best treatment.


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