If you notice that your skin is getting more open pores, you will feel that your skin will get a better look without these exposed pores. In general, the skin contains millions of open pores, and all these help to breathe the skin easily. Most of these pores are invisible but once they become large, they become visible to all.

Causes for large skin pores

Undoubtedly, if your skin has large pores, it will cause damage to your skin, and your skin will get a dull look. Several reasons are responsible for having large skin pores. Let’s check the probable reasons for enlarged skin pores.

As per research, it has been noticed that genetics play a vital role in large skin pores. Children can have large-looking skin pores if their parents have the same.

The next prime cause for large pores is excess sebum production. Sebum maintains the natural moisturizer of the skin but excess production of sebum is not welcome for healthy skin.

Many times individuals suffer from large skin pores due to loss of elasticity. People lose their skin elasticity with their age. Once your skin starts losing its elasticity, you will notice large skin pores than usual.

Skin can get enlarged skin pores due to sun damage and humidity. This can also cause wrinkles on the skin.

Treatment for large pores

Women often can face enlarged skin due to excessive use of make-up. Hence experts suggest using non-comedogenic skin care products which will not clog the skin pores. So, while you are buying make-up products, it is necessary to check whether these products are free from oil or will not clog pores.

It is always suggested to clean your face twice a day. Experts suggest using warm water and washing your face gently. One can also use retinol-based skin care products for better results. One can consult with famous specialist Dr. Shridevi Lakhe for the best treatment.



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